Colin S. Howat P.E. started C. S. Howat & Associates in 1979.

The principal emphasis was in plant performance analysis, i.e. understanding through modeling, analysis and testing the chemical engineering fundamentals of the process operations so that efficiency, capacity and quality could be improved. This emphasis led to broadening ability of the company to include litigation support - understanding the technical underpinings of plant operations and explaining those to the court.

Before Bhopal, the company began a practice in hazards analysis and risk assessment. We have continued to expand our program in PHA/RA. The company facilitates PHA/RA work in the traditional CPI. But, we emphasize assistance to nontraditional areas such as food processing begining in 2004. Because of our interest in safety and our devotion to bicycling, we support the cycling industry in accident investigation and equipment failure analysis.
C. S. Howat & Associates - Engineers Consulting in Process & Risk Analysis
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